Technology in Support of Early Reading

WCAL conducted an evaluation of reading assessments. The assessments covered a range of early reading skills, including measurements of pupils' Initial Sound Fluency, Letter Naming Fluency, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency, Word Use, Reading and Comprehension. The purpose of the evaluation was to identify ways in which technology can make the assessment process more straightforward and efficient for teachers in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The aim of the technology was to provide teachers with an easy to use way of administering frequent, short assessment checks on pupil's progress, and to provide immediate reports on any issues about specific children. Teachers involved in the evaluation were extremely positive about the approaches. They suggested it strengthened classroom-based assessment “….prompts teachers to ask questions about children’s performances and their weaknesses”. There was also clear evidence that this approach could improve literacy levels: “….Immediate results & feedback. Very powerful - highly visual for teacher and pupil. Results calculated for the teacher.” Teachers also noted that it yields significant efficiencies and delivers consistent assessment data, even suggesting that it “….should be used for year 2 reading assessment - saves so much time.” See video below:


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