21st Century Learning Alliance

21st Century Learning Alliance logo The 21st Century Learning Alliance unites industry, government and teachers with the common aim of fostering world-leading learning for the 21st century.

The 21st Century Learning Alliance is a unique and powerful forum, supported by WCAL, that uses its skills, experience and networks to debate difficult and sensitive issues in an open and honest way. It publishes the best and most innovative practice, especially in the uses of technology for learning. It has created a network of teachers and senior managers who are able to support each other in developing innovative learning; it also challenges industry to bring to the market innovations that support teaching and learning.

The Alliance has established its credibility as a robust link between educational organisations and commerce to stimulate improvement and change through expert, evidence-based advice at the highest level.

The 21st Century Learning Alliance is directed by a board of up to 25 representatives of schools and colleges, government agencies and industry.