WCAL is responsible for developing the problem solving and collaborative problem solving assessments for ATC21S. The project also involves the creation of innovative assessments of collaborative problem solving and ICT literacy.

ATCS21 logo Cisco, Intel and Microsoft have established the Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills project. The aim of the project, managed by the University of Melbourne, is to create world-leading approaches to the teaching and assessment of 21st century skills. In particular, the project is focussing on problem solving, collaborative problem solving and ICT literacy.

This is an international project with team members drawn from many countries. It is sponsored by Cisco, Intel and Microsoft. The products of the work will be:

  • Clear, operational definitions of 21st Century Skills
  • Solutions to technical psychometric problems that confront those seeking to develop tests of these skills
  • Strategies for delivering on screen assessments
  • Classroom-based strategies for helping students develop their skills

In 2009 the work of the project was based around five working groups, each of which took the lead in producing a White Paper. The entire series is being edited into a single book, shortly to be published.

  • Working Group 1: Defining 21st Century Skills in an assessable form, led by Senta Raizen with Martin Ripley
  • Working Group 2: Addressing the Psychometric Issues involved in designing 21st Century Assessments, led by Mark Wilson
  • Working Group 3: The technology opportunities and issues associated with 21st Century Assessment, led by Beno Csapo
  • Working Group 4: The Classroom Issues, led by John Bransford and Marlene Scardamalia
  • Working Group 5: Influencing Policy, led by Linda Darling-Hammond

The project had six founding member countries - Australia, Singapore, England, Finland, the USA and Portugal. Schools and teachers in these six countries will be involved in piloting and evaluating the assessment and teaching materials produced by the core teams.