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Science ICT English Mathematics

WCAL has developed advanced curriculum and assessment resources for schools in Saudi Arabia. These materials cover mathematics, science, English and ICT. WCAL works for the King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity. The Foundation is a charitable, educational organisation with 50+ member-schools. The Foundation's mission is to revitalise academic study in the Kingdom, focusing especially on mathematics and science, as well as fostering creativity, entrepreneurial skill and social endeavour. The aim is to develop future generations of social, political, economic and intellectual leaders. Probably the most high profile educational reform programme in the region, the programme is designed to get students to think creatively and to develop interest and passion in learning.

WCAL created:

  • On-line learning communities for teachers, using Moodle
  • Text-books for students aged 8-18 years, covering mathematics, science, English and ICT
  • Supportive teachers’ guides to assist teachers in implementing these advanced materials within the classroom
  • E-learning activities for students
  • Classroom materials for formative assessment
  • Summative tests
  • A comprehensive programme of face-to-face teacher training